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Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980-2009

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I BLOOM FW10/11: Miracle

Scriptographer 2.8.055 is Up

Scriptographer is a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator™.
It gives the user the possibility to extend Illustrator’s functionality by the use of the JavaScript language.

The user is no longer limited to the same tools that are used by most graphic designers around the globe. Scriptographer allows the creation of mouse controlled drawing-tools, effects that modify existing graphics and scripts that create new ones.

Give it a try, develop your own or download other users scripts )
Dont forget to support the great ppl behind this if you like it!

Neon delight

Frozen Motion

For an upcoming ballet perfomance, we’ve been experimenting in capturing and displaying form in space over time from realtime camera or video sources. Early, rough-quality screenshots.

made with processing

Busy Weekends

Preview from RefleDolls illustration series.

Boiling beet


Rubber Duckie, You’re So Huge

252256Hatched by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, this 9.5m tall by 11m long rubber duck has been spotted in Europe, Japan, and Brazil.


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Sticky Light is a project by Alvaro Cassinelli, Kuribara Yusaku and Stephane Perrin of the Department of Information Physics and Computing at the Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory of the university of Tokyo.
It’s a 3d tracking technology using a laser diode (low power), a pair of steering mirrors and a single non-imaging photodetector.

infinite fun xD



Wode is the first ever visible fragrance by Boudicca. It comes in a graffiti spray can and its color is cobalt blue. At first it will turn your skin and clothing blue, but it will disappear after some time. This version is called Wode Paint, there is also a normal one, Wode Scent, for those who don’t trust it. via today and tomorrow



Says Moonriver: Developed by Dr. Harold Edgerton in the 1940s, the Rapatronic photographic technique allowed very early times in a nuclear explosion’s fireball growth to be recorded on film. The exposures were often as short as 10 nanoseconds, and each Rapatronic camera would take exactly one photograph.


Body Navigation by Recoil Performance Group from ole kristensen on Vimeo.


Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.