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and now for smth completely different

an ott gif, Just before the news

new pet

Beetroot’s New Short-living pet. koúnios, the rabbit.


by Everynone

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Light Painting WiFi

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi

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Mary Christmass

Blacklist Christmas Card

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December 2nd – Waitin’ for the f#king summer to end

Elsewhere, ppl are lucky

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The World’s Best Lemon you’ll come across these days

Lemon’s contemplating the future

2nd Floor timelapse

A timelapse video for 2nd FLooR
Promotional usage for the Total panels.

In House Photography, Layout, Editing & Music

Dimitria Installations – Pilot

beta testing

blu, latest

big bang big boom

epic animation, once again.

look what’s here

sorry, “who’s” ment to be said.

póetry & fine art finally intruded into beetroot.

Veggies Prep relnk

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supervising for Mangel—Wurzel

Nikos Alexiou on set



fuckin’ A

some will burn

some may not

theworldsbestever – Morning dose of riot dog

kanellos stylie

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to cry or not to cry

To cry or not to cry?  poster, chocolates and invitation for memike son’s baptism

The boy did actually cry.
A lot.


Named 3 Wishes – 3 Eyxes, then dandelion, thief, then wishes..
The latest branding for a series of wines, a white dry type of wine .

Mr. European’s Presentation – Event Photos

” Mr European, A fairytale about the European Union. For kids and grownups. ”

The presentational event for Mr European Book came to success last Friday night  (Feb 26) in Thessaloniki (Library of the municipality of Thessaloniki) .
A party was thrown afterwards in a bar-restaurant of the city.

Beetroot, the author and MANGEL—WURZEL are really pleased for the happening and its attendees’ embracement of the book.