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Poster4tomorrow: Gender Equality Now!

Woman – man: Two equal communicating vessels. The fullness and emptiness are in a dynamic, ever-changing equilibrium.
An unborn baby grows inside a working mother. Is it a boy or a girl? Does it matter? (Should it matter?)

Beetroot fights inequality in the workplace by focusing on the irrepressible connection between women and men and on the thousands of women who are not allowed to keep their jobs because they wish to give birth to a new human being.

Beetroot proudly shouts to the whole world to join the cause by presenting its two submissions to the “Posters for Tomorrow” international competition that both won a place amongst this year’s winners and will be exhibited in more than forty cities across the globe!

Equal communicating vessels

Does it matter?

Gender Equality Now! Paris

Gender Equality Now! Guadalajara

Gender Equality Now! Caracas

European Business Awards 2012/13

Beetroot is taking care of business: Beetroot represents Greece at the European Business Awards 2012/13!
Beetroot competed with the most successful Greek companies in order to represent Greece in the European Business Awards 2012/13 competition. The judges said that they were very impressed by us (thank you!) and on the 1st of November 2012 we were officially selected as one of the 14 National Champions for Greece! Beetroot is the only creative office among Greece’s best and some of Europe’s most dynamic businesses including travel, food, and telecommunication colossi! The judges have selected us amongst businesses and organizations with a combined turnover greater of over €1 trillion Euros across 28 EU countries. Together these businesses employ over 2.7 million people across the continent, from which thirteen people are designing in Beetroot!
As we enter the 3rd phase of the competition for an esteemed Ruban d’Honneur, we are thrilled to represent Greece in what is the most important acclaim for a successful company in Europe!
We would like to thank you, our clients, collaborators and friends for your love and support. With your help we managed to achieve something great: We proved that working in a creative team is “serious business” and that our work, design, can proudly stand next to any other production.
Greece has sea, sun, olive oil…
…and design!

TGM opening at Thessaloniki

Thursday 8th of November 2012.
Thessaloniki at last!

The Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art was PACKED with the wonderful people who came to see our exhibition coming home:
The Greek Monsters!

A brand new setup and a brand new monster.
Guests enter through the dark Stymphalian Birds entrance.
In the bright space that follows the Greek Monsters are all there, anticipating to tell their part of (their) story…
Our Minotaur, Asterion awaits his guests in the Atrium -quite appropriately- under the stars.
Our brand new monster made especially for the city of Thessaloniki is unveiled: The gorgona “Thessaloniki” that for us represents Logic.
Everybody is smiling, laughing, talking, playing, joking, drinking, sharing thoughts, discussing, thinking of new staff…
Quite a feat in such troubled times.
The Monsters party goes on until very very (VERY) late.
What a thrilling night!

The Greek Monsters are happy!
Beetroot is happy!

Thank you!


Today’s menu.

The Greek Monsters by Beetroot
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
Opening 8/11/2012, 20:00

Thessaloniki welcomes “The Greek Monsters”

We could be telling you once more about this exhibition we designed as part of our winning of the Agency of the Year red dot communication award για το 2011.
We could be telling you once more about the enormous success of our exhibition in all the cities it has been put on from Berlin to Athens.
We could be telling you about the hundreds of kids who joined our Little Monsters educational program.
We could even be telling you about the thousands “Stymphalian Birds” we let fly from the Benaki Museum atrium in the biggest opening party ever.

We could be telling you many things…
But we won’t.

We will only tell you this:
At last, the Monsters are coming to their base!

The Greek Monsters Exhibition @ Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art – Thessaloniki!
Opening 8/11/2011, 8pm

Be(a)ware of the Greek Monsters.


by RootlessRoot feat. John Parish at Onassis Cultural Centre


TEDxAcademy 2012

TEDxAcademy 2012: The Journey + Decalogue (in eleven steps) by Beetroot

The truth is that we prefer designing to talking but this is one of those occasions where the one brings the other! Our TEDxAcademy 2012: The Journey presentation was the reason why we put together our notorious “Decalogue in Eleven Steps”: Enjoy


Beetroot’s Decalogue (in eleven steps)
from Beetroot’s TEDxAcademy 2012:
The Journey presentation “Connecting the odds”

Having a vision is to know how to set a destination and a journey free of any conditions.
Visions are different to dreams. Dreams are all about intentions, while visions include
the process for achieving them. Thinking your visions in detail and making them clear
in your mind, enhances your ability to distinguish people, mediums and projects
than can help you to achieve them.


Roots are important but human beings are not plants. We travel, experience and change.
You may want to grow independent of your past. Every time you begin a new creative journey,
your travel bag should be empty in order to hold everything you might need whether it comes
from your past or not. An Ayn Rand’s character says somewhere:
“I stand at the end of no tradition. I may, perhaps, stand at the beginning of one.”


Concentrate on the question, read the manual, pay attention to the expressions,
the phrasing and the style. Don’t hesitate to respond. Good communication is based
on paying attention to details and respecting the conversation’s pace.


Everybody has problems and most of them even think that theirs are more important than yours.
Recounting your difficulties won’t help you overcome them. Every time you manage to handle
trouble with calmness, you fortify yourself against the anxiety of a new crisis.


Every system, method, tool that doesn’t work provides a fantastic opportunity for repairing,
replacement or space for a completely new way of thinking and ultimately for creativity and growth.
Obviously our world is a land of opportunities.


Errors are neither bad nor –of course- good but rather part of the process to any outcome.
The error suggests the trial, the experiment, the acceptance and the respect of anything
random and unexpected. The error destroys a path to give birth to many.


Stop, wait, rest. The pause is a necessary moment of stillness. It may have no past but it has a future.
It is a moment of calmness, tranquility and concentration but at the same time a nucleus ready
to unleash vast amounts of energy to all directions. The pause is not mind-numbing; it is a bomb about to explode.


Collaborations are hard, tiresome, slow, creative, productive and prolific.


Taboos, prejudices, dogmas, commitments and phobias distract you from coming out with solutions,
understanding others and setting up your mind according only to your course of action and goal.
You will change many times in the creation of your vision, and this is all very natural.


Rewards come in many types: the joy in the creative process, the opportunity to experiment,
the fulfillment of sharing and even the financial profit. Clearly there is no reason for sourcing
your energy without any reward.


Every completed work is like small death to its creator. A work has a very small life as it is made
to be used and consumed. In that sense, it is easy to “die” with your work. Concentrate in the discovery
of a creative process that makes you happy and the outcome will always occur.



Beetroot > Connecting the odds @ TEDxAcademy

Beetroot speaks at TEDxAcademy 2012 : THE JOURNEY
Watch Beetroot explore new paths this today on (our beloved) Benaki Museum!


Beetroot returns the “red dot agency of the year 2011” stylus as “red dot, best of the best” winner of 2012!

After a very exciting and prolific year, Beetroot is thrilled to return the red dot agency of the year stylus while winning a number of fresh 2012 red dot distinctions including: red dots for our design of “Plagios Wine”, “FENA Fashion Stores” Illustrations, our personal website “” and our most recent work: “35 years of Benaki Museum Shop” posters.

On top of all that our illustrations for our self-published book “The Misunderstood Monsters of Greek Mythology” won a best of the best red dot communication design award as the best entry in its category!

We would like share those awards all of our clients, supporters and friends for their trust in our work and promise that we will never-ever stop doing what we love most under any circumstances: design, design design!

Beetroot + OCC “Alliance”!

Beetroot, proud partner of the “Alliance for Stegi” team that includes OUT OF THE BOX, BRANDEXCEL and SpiritUp, was chosen as the head of communication design for the 2012-2013 season of the Onassis Cultural Centre!
Beetroot has developed for the OCC a specially designed series of new, dynamic and flexible tools, that derive information from the the cultural centre itself and its multifaceted program and create unique images and information areas that express movement, activity, and creativity.
For more, watch this space!

The Greek Monsters are in the news!

“Greek crisis: An odyssey seen through ancient myth” is a story written by CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA for Associated Press. The 1260 words article about the Greek crisis, Greek Mythology and Beetroot’s “the Greek Monsters” exhibition is in today’s news all around the globe!

The Little Greek Monsters

The Minotaur, the Cyclops, the Stymphalian Birds and more than twenty other monsters from the Greek mythology play, have fun and share their remarkable stories with the little “teratologists” who joined the educational program of The Greek Monsters exhibition!
Every Sunday, the Benaki Museum is full of our wonderful little friends who explore the exhibition in their own special way, learn by playing with the exhibits and create their own unique monsters with which they decorate the Museum’s café for the whole duration of the exhibition!
Our special educators have developed an alive and engaging program that captivates children by delving into mythology and creativity through play and theatre! But remember: The program is for Children Only!
The Little Monsters’ thunderous success from its very beginning has resulted in a total sell-out for the whole of its announced duration! So in order not to disappoint our little friends who want to participate, we extend the program until the end of July!
Book your “teratologist”’s place now and as always…
…Be(a)ware of the (little) Greek Monsters!

The little monsters educational program
is on every Sunday at the Benaki Museum – Pireos St. Annex
Book your place by phone: +30 2103453111 (4)
Booking Times: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 10:00-18:00
and Friday & Saturday 10:00-22:00

First Little Monsters Team: 10.30 – 12.00
Second Little Monsters Team: 12.30 – 14.00
Admission: 5 Euros

Athens, photography—13062012

Beetroot @ Belgrade Design Week 2012

Beetroot is very excited to announce its attendance to the outstanding Belgrade Design Week 2012, the annual meeting point of South East Europe’s creative industries and one of the most up-and-coming Design conferences in the world.
For one week only, global creative leaders, among which Beetroot, will be showcasing object and graphic design, architecture, branding, advertising, music, digital media, TV, art, publishing, film, fashion, media and all other forms of design related business.
We invite you to follow Beetroot’s multi-faceted participation in the BGW 2012, in the context of the splendid design that will be showcased exclusively at the conference and its numerous supporting events.
For more information tune here, or visit:

(Beetroot in Serbian)

The Greek Monsters Education Program

The LITTLE Greek Monsters

The Minotaur, the Cyclops, the Stymphalian Birds and more than twenty other monsters from the Greek mythology, are waiting for their little friends to play, have fun and share their remarkable stories!
Beetroot and the Benaki Museum, as part of The Greek Monsters exhibition, invite children from five to twelve years old, to a MONSTROUS educational program (!) in which the kids will be able to view the exhibition, play with the exhibits, learn the myths from specialist educators and design their own unique monsters that will be displayed at the Museum’s café for the whole duration of the exhibition.
Be(a)ware of the (little) Greek Monsters!

The little monsters educational program is on every Sunday (until 24/6/2012) at the Benaki Museum – Pireos St. Annex

Book your place by phone: +30 2103453111 (4)
Booking Times: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 10:00-18:00 and Friday & Saturday 10:00-22:00
First Little Monsters Team: 10.30 – 12.00
Second Little Monsters Team: 12.30 – 14.00
Admission: 5 Euros

Beetroot returns home from Helsinki with six European Design Awards!



On the 26th of May 2012 Helsinki’s Bio Rex held the European Design Awards, the international meeting where the best designers from all corners of the continent come together to recognize and reward the effort and the results that they have achieved during the previous year. In the Design Capital’s for 2012 illustrious ceremony, Beetroot amassed a total of six awards (4 silver & 2 bronze) for a selection of our most recent work: silver prizes for the Photobiennale 21 Topos Catalogue, the “new 1000 drachmas note illustration”, the design and illustrations for the “Misunderstood Monsters of the Greek Mythology” book and the FENA fashion stores Summer 2011 campaign and bronze prizes for the Seven spots 2011 illustrations and Beetroot’s own website. Kiitos Helsinki!

Minotaur in place—22042012

The Greek Monster Exhibition
Benaki Museum – Pireos St. Annexe
27/4 – 29/7/2012
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
Friday, Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00