Yearly Archives 2015

A good day

A “good day” poo illustration by Beetroot. Part of ‘The International Poo Group Show’ held in Hasselt, Belgium for Beyonderground 2015.





When we ride

Riding a bicycle is much more than a means of carbon-free transportation. It signifies a healthier and happier way of life, a tool with which anyone can transform an urban or outdoor journey to an meaningful experience. These posters, originally commissioned by the initiative, are bike printed in an engaging happening where cyclists are invited to strike through their own personal manifesto.


Front view

This is the view from our office in Thessaloniki facing the Thermaic Gulf.
Sometimes cargo ships moor right in front while the currents and the wind force them to move around. Their slow dance is not easily observed by the naked eye.

February 2014, Thessaloniki