What is so great about EBGE anyway?

We have heard this question from non-designer friends more than few times. So, what is the true purpose of all this? Here are some thoughts following last Thursday night’s ceremony and why we believe that the Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) are cool.




EBGE 2016

To begin with, we just got our 5th “agency of the year” award in the past 10 years and it feels good. It feels even better to know that after 15 years, as a team, we can still come up with unique ideas and deliver top quality design services.

An EBGE is always a great marketing tool. Design agencies or freelance designers rarely spend any resources in advertising their services. Getting an award is not just a reason to promote your self, it’s GREAT NEWS and you can shout it out with pride to all your audiences. Clients are also getting a proof that their choice was a worthy one and potential clients find another appealing reason to hire you. Not to mention, teammates become more confident and start remembering the hard times they had during the creation of a project with nostalgia rather than exhaust.

Yet, even if we didn’t win, our perception on this matter would be exactly the same and here are some reasons why.

First of all, EBGE is always a good reason for us to organise a small trip from Thessaloniki to Athens. Beetroot members can spare some quality time with each other, away from stressful deadlines. Since 2001 we have gathered the best memories from (award receiving) trips around the world or within Greece, where space and time allowed us to get to know each other and have fun as a team.


EBGE 2008


EBGE 2006


EBGE 2015


EBGE 2005


EBGE 2010


EBGE 2012


Second, being part of EBGE gives us the feel that we are a small part of the Greek Design history. The annual EBGE catalogue, that includes the best projects (judges’ opinion), is a great documentation tool that we gladly participate in.

Third, the awards are also an opportunity to have a closer look at the competition. It’s always rejuvenating to check the work of great Greek designers. The ability for exceptional typographic synthesis of both ex-designers united D. Papazoglou and D.Koliadimas with his Semiotic design, the state of the art aesthetics that is allover the projects of Katerina Panagiotou and the MNP, the fresh and full of emotion work of bob studio, the amazing illustrations and comic work of Tomek, the vigorous ink works of Tind, the top quality animations of Tony Zagoraios and his team and many more, help us rearrange our design point of view and give us strong motivation to evolve as a team.


Fourth, meeting people that share the same dreams and problems with us, people that we would have probably never run into if there was no EBGE. We saw old classmates with their own design journey, great teachers still being great, former beetroot interns managing their own companies now, friends, young, old, an amazing mosaic of people, co-travellers and main key elements responsible for the continuity of Greek Graphic Design.


EBGE 2005


EBGE 2008



And fifth, during last Thursday’s ceremony we got a feeling that there is a community after all. A kind of community that strongly supports communal activities such as the great project Synergastirion. A community that gives standing ovations to design legends such as Daniel Gounaridis. A community that has human reactions and cares. For the last 14 years EBGE has been a part of this design community and a useful gear for the Greek design industry overall.

So is there anything great about EBGE anyway?

YES, many things about EBGE are awesome and we are already looking forward to be a part of it again.

Till then… work hard and enjoy the ride : )