Narcissus – The First Selfie



As our means for communication become more and more visual, the need for creating, assimilating or holding up to a visual identity seems to grow exponentially. Among many others, the social media arguably provided the most attractive mirror to the modern Narcissi: a mirror that can be altered (by Narcissus) to show what the reflected person wants. We have reached a time where the “vain youth” can hold the reflecting pool in his hands and control his reflection, despite the fact that the result of his mythos is unaffected.

Beetroot created Narcissus – The First Selfie after the invitation of the Imago Mundi (Image of the World) global cultural project that aspires to foster openness, new horizons and the coexistence of expressive diversity. The collection, hosted by the Fondazione Benetton, is up to now comprising of approximately 2000 works of art collected since 2008 by Luciano Benetton and has no commercial aspirations and aspires to unite the diversities of the world in the name of a common artistic experience.

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