PhotoBiennale—Sites interactive table (video)

“Photobiennale – Sites”, a retrospective presentation of the Photobiennale Topos festival, consisted of 2330 works, by 266 photographers from 36 countries.
This gesture responsive system is an interpretation of the massive amount of works, grouped on an intelligent grid system, which in turn makes the visual contact with each work more feasible and attractive to any visitor.
The system is installed at the entrance of the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki, thus challenging the visitors to explore by moving a fancy physical element(bright green wooden frame) across a table with the names of 63 photographers and presentations on it. When the visitors point at a specific presentation with the frame, a webcam installed at the top of the table, targets the position of the frame and the Processing-Max/MSP/Jitter based software begins the slideshow of the selected presentation, projected in front of the table. The software also synthesizes sounds whose parameters are associated with the gestures that the visitors make in order to make a selection, immersing them in the act.
The structure being part of the “Photobiennale – Sites” and Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki visual identity, consists of elements of it such as the frame, the typography and the aesthetics in general.

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