Google hopes to help by Luxottica, Google glasses more fashionable type. Google X Labs in charge of Google glasses R & D Astro Teller said that people are very resistant to putting their computers on their faces, not only about technology, but also about Fashion taste. Luxottica designers and Google engineers, will make glasses and Google technology integration, not only Google device on the glasses on the trouble.

Industry professionals pointed out that OEM manufacturers in the Mainland to further reduce costs. OEM production is not only a small manufacturer Patents, internationally renowned brands also choose OEM mode. Public information, Shenzhen Henggang has developed into a world-renowned High-end glasses brand's largest production base, the world's several well- known brands, as well as Italy, France, Germany and so on

A large number of well-known enterprises are entrusted to Henggang glasses enterprises and processing. Every 10 international glasses products, there are six from Shenzhen. Ray-Ban, Ray for the glare, Ban that block, blocking the dazzling light is the essence of sunglasses. Raymond for the US Air Force produced a tilt mirror mirror sunglasses, to provide users with the greatest vision protection. Ray Ban sunglasses in addition to a good protective function, the designer will shape the design of its style more prominent rough British military temperament.

Dior Dior (ten sunglasses brand, Christian dior in 1946 France); Battlefield Jeep War jeep (ten sunglasses brand, Germany well-known brands, pure hand-made mirror!)

War jeep Battlefield Jeep brand focused on the field of professional outdoor sunglasses, its free wild brand concept, highly expressive design style and professional lens research and development, highlighting a unique temperament. Advanced optical equipment and pure imports of high-end raw materials, with pure hand-made technology, fully demonstrated its unique quality. War jeep battle Jeep is committed to providing customers with professional personality of the sun experience.

Eagle as sunglasses (ten sunglasses brand, American brand, the world brand); GUCCI Gucci Ouzi (ten sunglasses brand, began in 1923 Italy Florence); Foundry is considered to be an important reason for the quality of luxury goods. Unqualified list shows that four Ray Ban glasses, only one

From the Italian, two of the nominal producers for the Lu Xun ladder card (Shanghai) Trading Company, boarded another list of black Bobberry glasses also come from this company. Lu Xun ladder card group is the global optical industry giant, for Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Ray Friends, Bo Bo Li and many other luxury brand glasses foundry. Dior, GUCCI and other brands by another eyewear manufacturer Xia Fei Connaught Production. Previously, the above brand of glasses has repeatedly been accused of quality problems.

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RayBan Raymond Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses RB3025JM 002 Ray Ban sunglasses sunglasses fashion color film Italian glasses RB3025 112 / 4L 55 Rayban Raymond Polarized Sunglasses Italy Driving Mirror Ladies Mirror RB3025 001/58 2016 new Rayban Ray Ban sunglasses gradient goose lens male and female sunglasses RB3025 181/71 As a leader in high-end eyewear and sports glasses, Luxottica has a number of well-known brands such as Ray-Ban, Persol and Oakley. And Intel is not the first time to enter the smart glasses market. In March of this year, Luxottica announced that it will work with Google (microblogging), launched a new design for Google glasses. Luxottica will come with Ray Ban and Oakley and other brands with Google