San Francisco State Articulation Agreement

Check out the articulation information on the following campus website: check out the articulation agreement information on the campus website following For information on course agreements running from the fall, current articulation agreements with California Community Colleges and other CSU campuses are available in ASSIST, a public database that shows how lower course units can be applied after the transfer. SF State`s student-to-study agreements, approved by the faculties, are organized according to the departments and majors of bachelor`s degrees. Visit ASSIST at is the official storage archive of California`s public colleges and universities (UC, CSU, CCC`s) and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on the public transfer of students to California. While work is underway to bring you a new ASSIST, you`ll also find additional articulation information about TempIST. Course articulation contracts for the last academic years (2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019) can in academic year (2016-2017). Cal Poly will honor all joints that will be presented in the academic year (2016-2017) for the following years (2017-2018, 2018-2019). The University of San Francisco has articulation confirmations for more than 60 two-year-old California colleges. These agreements contain a list of specific courses in each college that meet the USF`s completion requirements. These confirmations are a menu of options for planning purposes, of course, but you don`t need to fill out all the domains to be eligible for transmission to USF. Many of San Francisco State University`s international partnerships include coordinating and artehying the program to establish agreed course equivalencies and program requirements.

This equivalence, or articulation, can be carried out by course, for important needs and/or for general education needs. In some cases, courses are articulated (are identified) only as courses of choice. This means that, although the units are transferred, the course does not meet any of the requirements listed above. For articulation information with U.S. post-secondary institutions, please visit the SF State Bachelor and Academic Planning Department (DUEAP) joint page. International F-1 students must complete the SEVIS I-20 transfer procedure when you change schools or other programs of study.