Tbt Agreement Article 2

6.3 Members are encouraged to be willing, at the request of other members, to enter into negotiations for mutual recognition agreements on the results of mutual compliance assessment procedures. Members may require these agreements to meet the criteria set out in paragraph 1 and to satisfy each other`s opportunities to facilitate trade in the products concerned. 3. Citizens of the parties to the dispute cannot be heard by a group of technical experts without the common agreement of the parties to the dispute, unless the panel considers that the need for scientific expertise cannot be met by other means. Government officials of the parties to the dispute are not allowed to sit in a panel of technical experts. Members of technical expert groups perform their individual duties and are not representatives of the government or representatives of an organization. Governments or organizations therefore do not instruct them on the issues in front of a group of technical experts. 10.7 When a member has reached an agreement with another country or country on issues related to technical regulations, standards or compliance assessment procedures that could have a significant impact on trade, at least one member of the agreement informs the other members, through the secretariat, of the food products covered by the agreement and a brief description of the agreement. Concerned members are invited to consult with other members on request to conclude similar agreements or to organize their participation in these agreements. The notification contains the name and address of the standards body, the name and publication of the publication in which the work program is published, the period of application of the work program, its price (if any) and how it can be obtained and where it can be obtained. The notification can be sent directly to the ISO/CIS information centre or, if necessary, through the relevant national member or ISONET`s international subsidiary.

I. At least once every six months, the standards body publishes a work program with its name and address, the standards it is currently developing and the standards it has adopted in the previous period. A standard is prepared from the time a decision on the development of a standard has been made until the adoption of that standard. The titles of certain draft standards are presented, on request, in English, French or Spanish. An opinion on the existence of the work programme is published in a national or, if necessary, regional publication of standardization activities. . in the run-up to the multilateral trade negotiations of the Uruguay Round; . 2.9.1 publish a timely notice in a publication allowing interested parties of other members to familiarize themselves with a specific technical regulation; 13.3 It is considered that unnecessary duplication between the work done under this agreement and that of governments in other technical bodies should be avoided.