You Can Make Agreements With Your Customer

3.1 Overview. Shore makes the software with selected service plans available to its customers for Internet use and provides other related services, such as website development and hosting/operating (together “Services”). Shore services consist of special service plans that the customer can order individually or with other add-ons on the order form, on the website or in any other Form of Shore. Details of the scope of service plans are included in the order form and in the respective service specialty. Keep your CT together in one place and make a reference to it. No wonder “incidental agreements” are a bad idea. Generally, employees doing these businesses think that loans are “low risk,” but they are not. Employees will often attempt to document the “incidental agreement” in writing, so that there is an enforceable contract between the merchant and the customer, but these “incidental agreements” may not correspond to the “truth in the granting of credits” – federal requirements. Regardless of this, your dealer certainly does not want to be able to play the collection role if one of these customers does not pay his credit. Most of the time, these customers disappear and avoid any collection effort. The dealer loses money.

But if you buy something for your business, the supplier can enter into a contract under the Consumer Guarantee Act. If they do, it might be worth considering an extended warranty in some cases. B, for example, buying a vehicle for your business. 2.5 If you want to use your account after the free trial period, you can enter into a paid contract to use the software with Shore by clicking on the remaining time of the trial period or The customer can choose between different service plans with different service areas and functions for a limited or unlimited number of users. The monthly or annual billing contract is entered into on the account. To do this, the customer must first select the desired service plan and confirm the selection. Then, it must also enter its payment information with the company name and billing address. By confirming and transmitting this information, the Customer is considered a contract for the paid use of the Software with Shore with monthly or annual billing.

8.8 Shore is entitled to charge all claims arising from the entire business relationship and to demand payment without delay: If the customer refuses to pay more than two monthly payments over a period of more than one month, if the payment of this benefit is not paid within one month of receiving a written warning, and shore has informed the customer of the consequences of such a written warning, or if Shore, the client or any other debtor has submitted an insolvency procedure or similar legal proceedings, such proceedings have been initiated or the insolvency proceedings have been dismissed for insufficient assets. The right to demand payment of debts due and unpaid in a lump sum does not apply where these rights relate only to minor or insignificant claims. All terms agreed individually with the consumer are called “express conditions.” This can be the price of goods or services, if not fixed. 16.3 Explanations. Unless otherwise stated, communications and statements can only be made in writing (e.g.B.