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póetry & fine art finally intruded into beetroot.

Veggies Prep relnk

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Mangel—Wurzel’s new Video Idents

Mangel—Wurzel is on!

Mangel—wurzel is officialy launched!

Mangel—Wurzel is an initiative, a place where creative people practice their skills, a playground where random thoughts can be transformed into real objects. Here, experimentation gets implemented, frees virtuosity and achieves beauty. …or just an online place where you can buy stuff you might like.

supervising for Mangel—Wurzel

Nikos Alexiou on set


Thessaloniki in a different way

The “Thessaloniki in a different way” project took place in thessaloniki last weekend. Many different events and exhibitions throughout the city were organized by Parallaxi magazine. Beetroot designed a poster for an exhibition at the Teloglion Foundation of Art. A poster exhibition about promoting Thessaloniki. Here is our work.


Beetroot is participating in the upcoming cheapart exhibithion. The illustrations are a homage to the fairytale of MrEuropean.


Beetroot had a great time last week at the ED-Festival in Rotterdam. 6 awards (2 silver, 4 bronze), interesting lectures, a bike ride in the rain plus making some good friends.

Silver Awards: Fena SSo9 Illustrations, Hionidis Human Rights project. Bronze awards: Nomint ID, Marsheaux-Summer Video, Naked King packaging, Romeo+Juliet poster

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