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Prepare, the Moosiks are already here! They are funny, noisy and
ready to help you spread the love around you. Listen to the great
 MOOSIKS versions of some favorite Xmas tunes or compose and record
 your own tune and then share it with the world. Moosiks is a brand new web application designed and developed by Beetroot. Soon mooziks will 
be able to sing on your iphone.


Beetroot salutes the new year with a brand new reel. Enjoy!

Less Waste More Rights Poster

The final selection for Fight Poverty design contest is over. Beetroot’s “I am a poster” entry has been selected amongst the 10 finalist projects in the category Graphic design by the Fight Poverty international jury. Beetroot 2nd entry “This is not yoga” has also been selected as one of the 2o notable graphic design projects. 

Mary Christmass

Blacklist Christmas Card

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Only 6 out of 6,369 entries are selected as a Red Dot grand prix award

The trip to Essen Germany for the Red Dot awards ceremony was surprisingly pleasant for Beetroot. The announcement of the Red dot grand prix awards filled us with extraordinary amounts of happiness. It was only at the red dot gala that Professor Dr. Peter Zec announced the winners of the “red dot: grand prix”. Only six out of the total of 6,369 entries received the highest honorary award from the jurors. Beetroot’s poster “Romeo & Juliet” received this honor as one of the best works. Beetroot got 7 awards in total for the following projects: ROMEO & JULIET poster (Mangel—Wurzel), MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY THESSALONIKI Identity, 44TH DIMITRIA installations, KALATHAKI cheese packaging, NAKED KING wine packaging, THE SUPEREAL PHILIP TSIARAS catalogue, 2ndFLOOR website. The awarded projects were exhibited inside the red dot design museum.

The awarded project: ROMEO & JULIET poster

The “Romeo & Juliet” poster uses this technique to illustrate the theme of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy in a particularly vivid way. It takes the text of the tragedy, which is printed in a small font on the poster’s entire surface, and connects the names of the protagonists, wherever they appear in the text, with a red line. In total, the words Juliet appearing 180 times in the text, and Romeo appearing 308 times were linked with a total of 55,440 lines. Thus, the poster seems to be covered by a huge red “stain”, which only upon close examination reveals itself to be a fine network of lines. This self-initiated project illustrates the tragedy’s theme, a secret love story with a deadly ending, in an excitingly simple yet impressive manner. The deep red colour can be interpreted as a symbol of both the young lovers’ affection and the bloody ending.

How exactly does creativity work? And can the creative processes be controlled consciously? Even though a sufficient answer has not yet been found to this question, there are techniques to train and develop one’s creativity systematically. For his book “Creative Advertising”, Mario Pricken analysed thousands of different advertising campaigns in order to extract various thought patterns and strategies. Apart from classic exaggeration, comparison and change of perspective, Pricken identifies combining and connecting as potential methods of creating convincing messages.
(text from Red Dot catalog and official website)

The poster can be purchased at Mangel—

Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980-2009

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«PhotoBiennale- Sites» is a retrospective presentation of the Photobiennale Topos festival.
This exhibition discloses that the Place (Topos) of the PhotoBiennale 2010 was constituted by 2330 works-sites by 266 photographers from 36 countries.
The opening will take place tomorrow (Saturday, 4 December 2010,19:00) at the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki.
Beetroot is responsible for the visual identity of the project and the interactive installations.

December 2nd – Waitin’ for the f#king summer to end

Elsewhere, ppl are lucky

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