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Beetroot’s site is now packed with sweet memories from our latest projects – so go get a Taste at or squeeze some Fresh’n’Wild Summer beetjuice!

Mr Volunteer

In continuation to the “legacy” of “Mr. European” that has begun with the fully illustrated book “Mr. European and his fellowship”, in this new book, in a text by Nikos Nifoudis, we follow his relationship with a new character: “Mr. Volunteer” and through this, the history and the philosophy of volunteering.
You are welcome to attend the book’s first presentation this Friday the 16th at 19:00 at the Cultural Center of the municipality of Panorama.

Free Thessaloniki Installation

The “Made in Thessaloniki” project takes place in Thessaloniki this week. Multiple events and exhibitions are organized throughout the city. Beetroot’s submission in the exhibition called “Free Thessaloniki” is focused on one of the city’s major problems. Open until 8/3/2012 the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art.

I was
walking home
breathing the sea
smelling the spring
feeling free
gazing at the horizon
listening to you

Traffic does not
only cause delay