Beetroot’s Decalogue (in eleven steps)
from Beetroot’s TEDxAcademy 2012:
The Journey presentation “Connecting the odds”

Having a vision is to know how to set a destination and a journey free of any conditions.
Visions are different to dreams. Dreams are all about intentions, while visions include
the process for achieving them. Thinking your visions in detail and making them clear
in your mind, enhances your ability to distinguish people, mediums and projects
than can help you to achieve them.


Roots are important but human beings are not plants. We travel, experience and change.
You may want to grow independent of your past. Every time you begin a new creative journey,
your travel bag should be empty in order to hold everything you might need whether it comes
from your past or not. An Ayn Rand’s character says somewhere:
“I stand at the end of no tradition. I may, perhaps, stand at the beginning of one.”


Concentrate on the question, read the manual, pay attention to the expressions,
the phrasing and the style. Don’t hesitate to respond. Good communication is based
on paying attention to details and respecting the conversation’s pace.


Everybody has problems and most of them even think that theirs are more important than yours.
Recounting your difficulties won’t help you overcome them. Every time you manage to handle
trouble with calmness, you fortify yourself against the anxiety of a new crisis.


Every system, method, tool that doesn’t work provides a fantastic opportunity for repairing,
replacement or space for a completely new way of thinking and ultimately for creativity and growth.
Obviously our world is a land of opportunities.


Errors are neither bad nor –of course- good but rather part of the process to any outcome.
The error suggests the trial, the experiment, the acceptance and the respect of anything
random and unexpected. The error destroys a path to give birth to many.


Stop, wait, rest. The pause is a necessary moment of stillness. It may have no past but it has a future.
It is a moment of calmness, tranquility and concentration but at the same time a nucleus ready
to unleash vast amounts of energy to all directions. The pause is not mind-numbing; it is a bomb about to explode.


Collaborations are hard, tiresome, slow, creative, productive and prolific.


Taboos, prejudices, dogmas, commitments and phobias distract you from coming out with solutions,
understanding others and setting up your mind according only to your course of action and goal.
You will change many times in the creation of your vision, and this is all very natural.


Rewards come in many types: the joy in the creative process, the opportunity to experiment,
the fulfillment of sharing and even the financial profit. Clearly there is no reason for sourcing
your energy without any reward.


Every completed work is like small death to its creator. A work has a very small life as it is made
to be used and consumed. In that sense, it is easy to “die” with your work. Concentrate in the discovery
of a creative process that makes you happy and the outcome will always occur.



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    Για άλλη μια φορά, μια καταπληκτική δουλειά!!!

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