Poster4tomorrow: Gender Equality Now!

Woman – man: Two equal communicating vessels. The fullness and emptiness are in a dynamic, ever-changing equilibrium.
An unborn baby grows inside a working mother. Is it a boy or a girl? Does it matter? (Should it matter?)

Beetroot fights inequality in the workplace by focusing on the irrepressible connection between women and men and on the thousands of women who are not allowed to keep their jobs because they wish to give birth to a new human being.

Beetroot proudly shouts to the whole world to join the cause by presenting its two submissions to the “Posters for Tomorrow” international competition that both won a place amongst this year’s winners and will be exhibited in more than forty cities across the globe!

Equal communicating vessels

Does it matter?

Gender Equality Now! Paris

Gender Equality Now! Guadalajara

Gender Equality Now! Caracas

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  1. Eric Le wrote:

    Hi, just borrowing one of your photos for my portfolio site. Please let me know if this will be an issue. I designed one of the top 10 posters for Gender Equality Now and was just after some exhibition photos.

    Thank you,

    Eric Le

    Posted 23 Feb 2014 at 13.33

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