TGM opening at Thessaloniki

Thursday 8th of November 2012.
Thessaloniki at last!

The Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art was PACKED with the wonderful people who came to see our exhibition coming home:
The Greek Monsters!

A brand new setup and a brand new monster.
Guests enter through the dark Stymphalian Birds entrance.
In the bright space that follows the Greek Monsters are all there, anticipating to tell their part of (their) story…
Our Minotaur, Asterion awaits his guests in the Atrium -quite appropriately- under the stars.
Our brand new monster made especially for the city of Thessaloniki is unveiled: The gorgona “Thessaloniki” that for us represents Logic.
Everybody is smiling, laughing, talking, playing, joking, drinking, sharing thoughts, discussing, thinking of new staff…
Quite a feat in such troubled times.
The Monsters party goes on until very very (VERY) late.
What a thrilling night!

The Greek Monsters are happy!
Beetroot is happy!

Thank you!

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