Thessaloniki welcomes “The Greek Monsters”

We could be telling you once more about this exhibition we designed as part of our winning of the Agency of the Year red dot communication award για το 2011.
We could be telling you once more about the enormous success of our exhibition in all the cities it has been put on from Berlin to Athens.
We could be telling you about the hundreds of kids who joined our Little Monsters educational program.
We could even be telling you about the thousands “Stymphalian Birds” we let fly from the Benaki Museum atrium in the biggest opening party ever.

We could be telling you many things…
But we won’t.

We will only tell you this:
At last, the Monsters are coming to their base!

The Greek Monsters Exhibition @ Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art – Thessaloniki!
Opening 8/11/2011, 8pm

Be(a)ware of the Greek Monsters.

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